Sunflower oil from our farm, high oleic, cold pressed (quart)


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This mild flavored oil is cold pressed from organic sunflowers we grew on the farm. We were able to watch the seeds being pressed and the oil was coming out at 81 degrees, cooler than a summer day! After leaving the press the oil goes directly through a filter to remove tiny bits of seed and shell and that’s IT! It is completely unrefined. It is great for popping corn, frying eggs, sauteing vegetables, baking, and cooking over medium heat, but like all unrefined oils should not be used in high heat frying.
We used to use oilve oil, but would buy the refined, lighter varieties because we didn’t like the pungent flavor of the extra virgin types. So now we are getting the health benefits of an organic, extra virgin, cold pressed, unrefined oil without having to put up with the strong taste.
Is high oleic sunflower oil as good for you as olive oil? Everyone agrees that most Americans consume too much omega-6 oil, which is the most susceptible to oxidation. Many studies have shown that diets rich in omega-9 oil can reduce heart disease and bad cholesterol. Many conservative advocates agree that the most important thing is not the amount of oil one consumes but the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6, with the ideal of 1:1 – 1:4 reference: Olive oil contains less than 1% omega-3 and about 10-15% omega-6 for a ratio of slightly more than 1:10 (reference wikipedia). High oleic sunflower oil is only 4-5% omega-6 but 0% omega 3, therefore an infinite ratio. This ratio is the reason some will say that olive oil is better than high oleic sunflower oil. But olive oil is a poor source of omega-3 because it contains such a small amount. Reference:… One should not depend on olive oil for omega-3 intake. So, if you are eating other foods or supplements that are providing your omega-3’s your omega-3:6 ratio will be better if you are eating high oleic sunflower oil vs. olive oil.
Average High oliec sunflower oil: 85% omega-9, 5% omega-6, 10% saturated fats
Average Olive oil: 75% omega-9, 15% omega-6, <1% omega-3, 10% saturated fats
What does high oleic mean? High oleic refers to the amount of omega 9’s in this type of oil, 84-87%, which is higher than any other cooking oil. High oliec sunflower oil also has the lowest amount of omega 6’s of any cooking oil, 4-5%. Soybean, corn, cottonseed, regular sunflower, and safflower oil all contain over 50% of omega-6 oils.

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